Cute Bunny Ita bagpack

Created by Labutori

Carry an adorable Bunny Ita bag around with you!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

✧September Updates! ✧
about 1 month ago – Mon, Sep 04, 2023 at 02:37:02 AM

Hello everyone!!

Here's a quick September update on the production of the bags! :)

So far, we have decided that the best way to keep the flap of the bag looking clean, is by making the ribbon removable. That way, you can enjoy the bag with and without the little ribbon.

After many weeks of back and fourth with my manufacturer, we have decided to make the ribbons a clip on! 

Aaand I'm finally able to show some updated samples for the new designs! :)

I'm really excited for them to finally go into mass production. With the current holiday season coming up for many manufacturers, these will be delayed slightly later than expected! We're looking at fulfillment to be around early December to early January

On the other hand, all pouch only backers who have completed their surveys will be receiving their rewards some time this month!

I apologize for the delay! So far most of our manufacturing time has been dedicated to getting the samples perfect before going through with the actual production.

On that note, because the bag designs have now been finalized, pre-orders will be opened on my online store some time next week! I hope everyone will look forward to it! ^-^

Thank you for your support and understanding as always!! ❤❤

August Updates! ❤
about 2 months ago – Tue, Aug 08, 2023 at 09:49:37 PM

Hello lovelies!

Here's a quick update about production and progress!

Pre-production samples are currently being worked on! There are a few issues that needs to be ironed out before mass production, hence causing production to be pushed back slightly! But the good news is, we are still within the production time-frame. ❤ 

* The initial magnetic button concept will be changed due to the security of the attached ribbon. To prevent the risk of it being easily lost, we are making the decision to change it to a snap button instead.  My manufacture and I are trying our best to match the colour of the button to the bag flap so it will not be as obvious. *

All plushie pouches are now on hand! Look at this nummy stack!

Pins are all currently completed and awaiting shipment to me! Below are a few manufacturer pictures of them :) (I think the changes look really cute!)

Finally, I am planning to re-open pre-orders for bags, pouches, inserts and pins on my online store at the end of this month! (Kickstarter bonus will not apply to store pre-orders) These will be limited in quantity! An Update will be announced when pre-orders are open again.

However, please note that I will not be able to combine store and kickstarer/backerkit orders as it is very difficult for me to keep track of both backends. 

Thank you all so much for the love and support so far on this project as we continue to work on production! ❤❤

Bag Update + Production update!
3 months ago – Tue, Jul 04, 2023 at 01:02:06 AM

Hello everyone!

Here's a quick update on what's been going on at the back! I'll be listing them in point form so it's much easier to read through! ❤

  • Some detail changes on Ita bag due to sample ribbon not staying on well with magnet! The magnetic ribbon stays on very loosely and I unfortunately do not feel that it will be very secure while taking your bag out and about.  Hence, the magnetic ribbon will be changed to a button attachment. We will match the colour of the button to the flap as close as possible so that it is less visible when taking off the ribbon! (It will also have the possibility of swapping out attachments in the future!)
  • New inserts will be available for additional purchase in my store later on! All Ita bags will come with their respective original inserts. New insert samples seen below: Original, Inventory, Party
  • Cards have been charged for shipping and any additional addons on backerkit! Thank you everyone for replying to your surveys in a timely manner! There are still some unanswered surveys. If you have lost your surveys/emails etc. Please send me an email at [email protected] ! I will send you a direct link to your survey instead.
  • I will begin the manufacturing process for bags ASAP! Everything is in the process of being ordered as I post this update. :)
  • Pouches have arrived! Look at them cuties!

  • Pre-orders will be up on my store next month for anyone who has missed out. Unfortunately it is hard for me to combine Kickstarter and store shipping! So if you have already backed via Kickstarter, please take note!
  •  Pins are all in production!
  • Addresses will stay unlocked until everthing is on hand and ready to be fulfilled. I will be making another update a month before fulfillment as a reminder to update your addresses!

Thank you everyone again for all your patience and understanding! 

I am very excited to get this project in the works and finally be able to bring it to life! ❤

NEW Sample update!
4 months ago – Thu, Jun 15, 2023 at 07:44:52 PM

Hi everyone!

Apologies for the wait! I've finally received a new sample from my manufacturer with the updated design! This includes a preview of the new ita inserts available through pre-orders and add-ons on backer kit!

Hopefully this update will help everyone make their decision on which colour they prefer! (You are still able to edit your surveys via the previous link sent to you!) 

Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding! Surverys and Pre-orders will stay open until Mid July, before I lock orders and finalize manufacturing numbers! Another update will be put out the finalize the date soon! There are still a few backers who have not completed their surveys, please do so ASAP before mid July to ensure stock availability! 

Have a great week everyone! ❤ :)

Smoke test surveys + Pre order store!
5 months ago – Mon, May 15, 2023 at 10:22:53 PM

Hello everyone!!

Just a really quick update to let everyone know that smoke test for surveys are out! Apologies for the delay!

Some of you will be receiving your surveys early, do let me know via DMs/ comments if you encounter any issues! :) After which, everyone else will be receiving theirs too! Please try to fill them up as soon as you can so that we can finalize the quantities required for each item! This is important as it helps to speed up our manufacturing timeline!

Pre-order store is also now open for those who have missed the Kickstarter! Store will be open for a month!

I've also added some new bag insert designs that you can still add-on during your surveys! Unfortunately, these will be different from the already existing ita add-ons! (They are under a different SKU)

Thank you everyone for your patience! ❤